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Ketamine for Mood Disorder and Chronic Pain

Uninsured Service

With the addition of Psychiatrist Dr. Jennifer Pikard to our team, we will be able to offer the South East Ontario region a safe option for intravenous Ketamine Infusions.

There is Level 1 evidence for efficacy of single-infusion IV ketamine as an antidepressant, and Level 3 evidence for repeat infusions as per CANMAT guidelines.

For Central Neuropathic Pain, we will be able to offer consideration of IV ketamine infusions for specific chronic pain diagnoses as well, using a similar protocol.

In both cases, a thorough assessment by the respective Pain Physician or Psychiatrist team will be performed.

Referral forms, including inclusion/exclusion criteria will be on our website soon.


Electrodiagnostic Evaluation ("EMG studies")

Insured Service

KOPI now has a growing of Physiatrists (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physicians) who will be able to perform EMG studies.  The South East Ontario Region is severely underserved with this special service, and we are very proud to be able to offer this specialized diagnostic consultation.

The focus of these referrals would be for the peripheral nerve localization rather than query motor neuron disease (ie ALS) or myopathies, ie ?Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, ?Ulnar Neuropathy at the elbow, ?Radiculopathy (Acute or Chronic), ?Drop Foot, ?Impingement of XXX Nerve.

Medical Consultation

Peripheral Nerve Stimulator (PNS) Implantation

Uninsured Service

The Health Canada approved StimRouter PNS neuromodulation system is now available for minimally invasive implantation at KOPI.  This new exciting development in chronic peripheral neuropathy pain treatment can be extremely effective and life changing for patients who are suffering from a variety of pain syndromes.  It is similar to a spinal cord stimulator in mechanism of action, but placed peripherally after an in-depth careful workup and assessment by our expert team.

This has been covered by WSIB and MVA insuurance plans.

More information can be found at:


Cryoneurolysis for Chronic Osteoarthritic Joints

Uninsured Service

The Health Canada approved Iovera Cryoneurolysis is now available at KOPI for minimally invasive treatment of primarily chronic osteoarthritic knee pain, SI joint pain, other locations, and Botox resistant spasticity in non-functioning limbs.

This can help keep patients pain free if they are awaiting their knee replacement, maintaining/improving their conditioning so that their post surgery rehabilitation is maximized, and pain is minimized.  It can also be used to stop acute (post surgical) pain post replacement, while avoiding the need for pain medications.

Patients are carefully selected to ensure the maximum chances of success of this treatment.

This has been covered by WSIB.

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Stem Cell for Osteoarthritis

A Health Canada Clinic Trial coming soon!

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